3L- Leemark Group is providing on 3PL and 4PL Logistics Solutions on general cargo and chemical industry. 
We do customized chemical warehouse logistics for the chemical industry in Taiwan Free Trade Zone ; Bonded  and non-bonded logistics service.  

Safety is our priority to do various chemical projects. Synergy and collaborate with various professional partners to complement 4PL supply chain. 
Our goal is make chemical logistics industry can be act safety and compliance with regulations to reduce the high risk. 

Chemical and Petroleum tanks in Taichung Taiwan with Filling stations

Chemical Warehouse ( Bonded and non- bonded )
A. For Flammable DG WHSE ( Bonded and non- bonded ).
1.  Temperature 22°C±3°C
B. For Custom DG WHSE ( Bonded and non- bonded )
1. Temperature Controlled (15°C±3°C)for Oxidizing Liquid and Hydrophobic
2. Temperature Controlled (5°C±3°C&-15°C±3°C) for Flammable DG

1. Valued-added Service and Customize solutions
2. Value-Add Services
3. Containers Loading/Unloading
4. Transfer cargo
5. Securing test
6. Custom E-service
7. Re-packing
8. Labeling
9. Customize securing
10.Slip sheet test
12.Distributions & Delivery